Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simple Beauty

Currently, I am in love with the simple beauty of a mason jar. There is something rustic and simplistic about a mason jar filled with flowers. They are inviting, not too pretentious.

At a women's retreat with church, Meg the artist behind Milk and Honey Market created some beautiful arrangements that overflowed from the humble mason jar.

I took this idea and filled the jar with my favorite flower, the Sunflower. 

To complete a warm rustic atmosphere for my sister's Country Cookout I placed floating candles in the mason jars. 

Why stop there? The rafia bows have me all giddy. I picked up a bunch of filler greenery from Sam's Club for $2.01 (including tax) and filled my favorite vase. 

How do you use a mason jar?


  1. Funny timing. I checked prices for mason jars at walmart just yesterday. I'm considering putting together "cookies in a jar" to give out around Christmas.

  2. The pictures you have added are so beautiful! This a really good technique of using a mason jar. I will try this at my home. Thanks for sharing.