Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pineapple Flowers

For Gina's Shower (the Country Cookout) I wanted to make a "natural" looking cupcake. I saw these pineapple flowers on Martha Stewart and decided to give them a try. They were quite a bit of work, but I love the final result. 
The cake was a Hummingbird cake, a dense pineapple, banana, coconut and walnut cake topped with rich cream cheese frosting.  It was a very good cupcake, but I wasn't absolutely in love with the cake. I'm going to be on the hunt for a moister version of the hummingbird cake, because I loved the ingredient combo. Now, I must say, the die for. 

Many thanks to my mom who helped with all the baking that I did that weekend. Always my #1 fan!

How to Make Pineapple Flowers
Technique from Martha Stewart

Step 1: Skin a pineapple and cut out any rinds or seeds that remain. 
Step 2: Slice pineapple into thin (as thin as you can) round slices.
Step 3: Bake slices at 225 degrees for at least 30 minutes on each side. The purpose is to dry them out so you could bake them for much longer. 
Step 4: Once almost completely dried out, transfer to a cupcake pan and form pineapple slices into bowl shapes. Let dry over night
*Note: The next morning when I went to decorate my cupcakes, not all the pineapple flowers were completely dried out, I put the pan in the oven again and kept a close eye on them. If you want a deeper color, leave them in the oven longer.
Step 5: Get out your kitchen scissors and cut slits around the pineapple cup to form petals. 
Step 6: Place on top of your cupcakes and enjoy your creation!

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