Monday, May 23, 2011

It's SummaTIME!

Finally. Turned in my last paper today. I couldn't not be more overjoyed or exhausted! 

So I made a wreath to celebrate. 

I like to celebrate by making things. I also like to celebrate by making huge messes...
I wanted to "Organize my life" which evidently means tear everything down and try to figure out somewhere else to put it. My house is a disaster zone. Poor Calvin doesn't know what to think and I am overwhelmed and uninspired. 

We also bought another desk from goodwill for the home office/guest bedroom we are creating. They wanted $40 but Bradley talked them down to $19.99... That's my man!
This is the before picture. I hope the "after" picture will come soon enough, but I don't like the color I painted it...uhoh. So we shall see what messes I will make this summer. 

So, every room in our home is A MESS and under FRANSTRUCTION (yeah I think I'm clever). But hopefully it will all come together and be FRANTASTIC! Stay Tuned! 


  1. Cute desk! Keep us posted as you organize...I'd love to see the progress.

  2. cool blog i am your newest follower xmaggiex