Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pink and Yellow

If I had to choose one color to wear the rest of my life...I'd choose black. Piece of cupcake! I could totally rock the all black look without going gothic. Also, black is slendarizing, which means I'd be able to eat the extra cupcake...or cookie.

If I were to choose one color to decorate with...I'd choose pink.

Thank goodness I don't have to choose because these cookies really need that blob of yellow.

I probably shouldn't use the word "blob" it makes my cookies seem unappetizing.

Even with the "blob" they were good! I wore all black today so you can trust that I went for that cookie.

Don't you think that pink and yellow look SO good together? It is so hard for me not to put those two colors together. Here is a quote from a previous cupcake post (entitled "I can't handle the cuteness"), "pink and yellow, pink and yellow! I do have a fondness for pink and yellow!" Oh man. When I read back over some of the stuff I've written on this blog I can't help but say to myself, "hello crazy."

By the way, my wedding colors were pink and yellow. It was FABULOUS. You can ask my bridesmaids. They totally wear their bridesmaid dresses every day.

Aren't they cute? Check out Gina peaking during the prayer.

Pink and yellow forever.

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  1. your cookies look amazing and i love your snow puppy at the top of your blog! soo cute!