Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm a girly girl.

I love anything girly. I love tea parties and flowers. I love decorating and crafting. I love the color pink, feathers and leopard print (and zebra print too for that matter). Cupcakes and cookies make me smile. Especially when they are made for a beautiful girl who happened to turn 1! When she grows up I hope she likes the color pink, feathers and leopard print too.

 oh, and I hope she likes butteflies. 

Because I made her a lot of pink butterflies

I think she enjoyed her birthday cupcakes!
Look at her with her birthday boa and her tea set. We've already planned a tea and cupcake party (she's quite the party planner)

Happy Birthday Sweet Julia!
(I know it was your favorite birthday ever!)


  1. ohh myyyy goodness!!! so precious! beautiful job Francesca! I'm going to need you a year and 4 months, haha.

  2. I'll have to work on boy themed cupcakes! :)