Thursday, December 16, 2010

Walking in a Winter Yogurtland

I love date night. Also, you should know, I have mad ice skating skills.

Here, I was posing for the camera and I wanted to balance on one know to look cool.... because holding on to the wall and balancing on foot is super cool, in case you were wondering. This was the result. And Bradley just happened to catch it on camera.
"I have a feeling you are going to be really bad at this and I am going to be Aaa-mazing!" -Bradley as we are walking in to the ice skating rink. 
After ice skating we went to....

Wait for it....

I seriously freaked out.

This is my "oh my goodness how am I suppose to choose? How many sample cups do I get? Yogurtland, where have you been my whole life?" face.

I'm also rockin' Bradley's sweater. Baggy is in yo.

(That may or may not be true. I really have no idea.)

I created a scene...just a small one.

Pink spoons for girls, green for boys. Love. Yes, that is sour gummy worms on one side of the cup and a pool of ghirardelli chocolate on the other on top of my two yogurt choices: dutch chocolate and snowflake mint (a winning combination).

That is when I noticed...or Bradley pointed out...

Snowflake Mint, Limited Time Only. Great. Another limited edition that I love. Now it is imperative that I get back to Yogurtland before the "Limited Time" expires!

You should go right now to Yogurtland. That is my present to you. 

Merry Christmas!