Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Post 100

"I don't understand," said a girl from class, "Do you just study and make cupcakes?"


I also make some cookies...specifically for my blog...

Does that make me more or less of a loser? hmm...

Well the fun all started with this little post...

Cooking...aka ruining dinner

And then, thanks to a little in store browsing of "Blogging for Dummies" I made the plunge with: Cooking Advice...really? (In case you haven't noticed...I really like my dot dot dots).

Here are a few of my favorite baking adventures...

House warmining gift: My first time piping buttercream and it changed my life. You can tell by my blot title that I was freaking out: I can't handle the cuteness!

Graduation Party: First time working with candy melts.

Oh my goodness, Gina's engaged! I thought I was pretty clever putting the engagement rings on top of the cupcakes...also the chocolate icing was to.die.for.

These babies were just plain delicious. Peanut butter and chocolate equals love.


Nutella cupcakes and my backpacking adventures...which inspired my guest blog post at Iowa Girl Eats! It's the second half of the post.

 Somewhere amid all the butter and sugar...
We moved
had a couple birthdays (it's lame only 3 days apart)
had an anniversary!
started graduate school
and I dominated a 5k!

No wonder I've written 100 posts!

Thanks for all the...

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