Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's a party!

It's a party and you're invited!!

"What party? Why a party? Huh?" You ask.

My blog is approaching the 100th post mark!
 100 Wow! My friend Kendra is really excited!

Isn't that crazy?? I've written about a lot of randomness, a lot of chocolate and a whole lot of cupcakes.

So I want to have a party to celebrate. 

You should have a party too. We need to celebrate! (I'll look for any excuse to have a party).

You can dress up if you want too. Totally optional though. 

It's a time to celebrate the favorites! Any favorite post? Favorite cupcake? I have my favorites and I can't wait to share...

This is post number 97. The count down begins.


  1. My favorite post was your 5k experience. It was a funny post AND you posted it the day before I started the couch to 5k program too. I remember thinking, "If Francesca can do a 5k in only 5 weeks, surely I can do it in 9!" I did week 7 day 1 today and it's going well for me! Thanks for encouraging me even though you didn't realize it! :)

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