Sunday, October 17, 2010

The War of 1812

The other night I was awoken by my cute husband rambling on about the War of 1812 and all the peace treaties that were involved. Huh? Who knows anything about the war of 1812? And who sleep talks about it? Halfway through his personal dialogue he stops, touches my knee and says, "And you need to shave in the morning." Are you kidding me? Say that to my face, when you're awake.

I've got to tell you, one concern I have living in Florida, is that I'll have to shave an entire year...straight through. I really need a winter break where my pale, unshaven, dry legs can hide under jeans and leggings. And, no matter how hard you work at shaving, whenever you get in the car and look down at your knees there is always little pricklies (I made this word up) that somehow escaped your razor.

Oh Florida, where art thou seasons? (Old English makes everything more dramatic).

Regardless of the lack of seasons, the weather is perfect here. So to celebrate "fall" you decorate your house, and make season appropriate foods. Like...

Caramel covered candied apples!

But why stop at caramel?

Why not cover them in milk chocolate and sprinkle with nuts and white chocolate?

Why not?

It's delicious.

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