Monday, July 12, 2010

Cupcake Weekend

I made two batches of cupcakes this weekend and we painted our second bedroom. We had a very busy and productive weekend! I'm trying to decide which cupcake batch I'm going to show you...The first batch was cute and mini...the second batch resembled the style of a 70 year old woman and tasted like cardboard...We'll save the cute cupcakes for another day. Here are the horrid cupcakes.
To make an already terrible cupcake worse is this picture. It was storming like crazy up in here and was too dark to get a good picture. Besides that I need to start saving for a new camera. Mine has been dropped one too many times...
The purpose of these cupcakes were to attempt to work with fondant. hmmm...
The only upside to these cupcakes are the cute little wrappers. Cute! Oh, and the delicious butter cream. I'm not even going to give you the recipe for the cake because it's disgusting. I tried it because it was suppose to make cute domed cupcakes, which it did, but I like dessert to taste good! I'd rather something be ugly and tasty than cute and gross. That's just personal preference. Of course, the ideal is cute and tasty.

*Sigh* Epic FAIL.

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