Monday, June 28, 2010


Sandwiches. Peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and honey, and cheese sandwiches. The past months I feel like we have eaten nothing but sandwiches. The delightful thing about sandwiches is that they are portable! We have taken them to the beach a couple evenings and have had a beach side picnic which has made the fact that we are eating sandwiches....every day...a lot more bearable.

The past month, I've felt frozen, that's the only way I can think to describe it. I'm not even thinking about what to make for dinner...I'm not even asking my normal question, "What in the world am I suppose to make for dinner??" Instead, I'm just not making anything and then, well, fixing sandwiches. (I must give a shout out to my husband who has never complained ONCE about having to eat sandwiches. Bless his heart, when I ask what he wants he says "Peanut butter and honey") I feel like I've drifted back to about 4 months ago when cooking ruined my day...every day. I'm going to blame this past month on the move.

So, the moral of the story is I need to start cooking! We are moved, we are unpacked, we are making friends, and we are tired of eating sandwiches. It is time to cook. So I took off to my neighborhood publix with my grocery list and my reusable bags (very hippy-chic) and got $100.12 worth of groceries! (I'm sure my cousin-in-law is cringing because she got the same thing for under 5 bucks) I know Bradley's going to wonder what the heck I got for all that money. What did I get? A whole lot of vegetables! So there is stir-fry in the future and hopefully some other meals...or that is one expensive stir-fry...


  1. If you're referring to me, than I'll just say that sometimes you've got to splurge for the fresh produce! We just moved too and I'm trying to build up my freezer stash. We were just given a TON of squash so the majority of that will have to be frozen or else it will go bad. Happy cooking!

  2. You are definitely my grocery shopping hero! I've tried to do some couponing and I hope to get better. I think I need to become a much better planner to be able to be half as good as you!