Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"I love mangoes and I know you will too!"

Dear Loyal Blog Readers,

I really have nothing to blog about. I have not cooked anything worth blogging in a while. I could waste your time and mine by posting a picture of the sandwiches that we had for dinner...but I won't do that. Okay, yes I will.
My plate is the bottom one, the one that looks like a complete meal. But don't feel bad for Bradley, I recognized his pathetic attempt at a sandwich dinner and handed him the bag of potato chips and he was fine. I probably shouldn't have wasted your time with this picture, but, you see, I had to. In my early stages of researching blogging, I found out that pictures is what keeps the reader reading. Right about now you are thinking of clicking out of this blog and facebooking or doing whatever else you would be doing instead of reading this post...
See! You are still here! It worked. Score.
Mango is so delicious. Do you know how to cut a mango? Evidently I have no idea, I made a big, drippy mess but it was soo good! And yes, I did get in trouble for having the mango so close to the computer.

Let's see what the author of The Great Mango Book has to say about cutting a mango.

The music is mesmerizing...

Well, anyway, thanks for reading (to those who actually made it here). Love you more than ice cream!


P.S. The title of the post came from the very end of the video, in case you didn't make it that far. : )

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  1. OMG you are so ridiculous! I love you! And I love your master cooking skills...oh well I can't really talk. I had to use a cookbook to make grilled cheese;)