Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello Cupcake

May is here...and what does that mean? Summer, lots of packing, moving (wow, less than three weeks now), tan-ness (hopefully a result of the move), and goodbyes. Single tear...well probably a whole lot of them. Speaking of goodbyes, May means graduation! (except in my case where I graduated from college in December, but that's a long story. Well actually not too long, I transfered and couldn't make up the time, oh and a few major changes :)

Anyway, my cousin-in-law (?) and sis-in-law graduate from high school! Well graduations also mean parties! My favorite! What should I bring to this graduation party? CUPCAKES! Woot!

Lots and lots of cupcakes! See those little flowers? They are so cute and easy! Here is the process:

First you need to pick out your color candy molds. Take the color you want to be center and plop it on your wax paper.
Second, melt your outline color and use a squeeze bottle or a ziplock bag to drizzle your design. You can do any design you want. I did a really basic flower. You can also print or draw your desired design and place it underneath your wax paper to trace. I didn't really care to make perfect flowers, I think it looks cuter a little less than perfect.
Third, fill in the petals with your main color. Make sure you fill a long the edges.

Fourth, Place in the freezer for a couple minutes. When they are hard you can easily pick them up off the wax paper and flip them over. Voila! Cute and edible flowers!
After I had made my decorations, it was time to actually make the cupcakes. I decided to do chocolate (uh, no brainer) and yellow cake. I wanted to kick my chocolate cupcake up a notch by adding a chocolate fudge filling. I have a filling nozzle (no idea what it's called) that I got in my piping start-up kit from Walmart (high rolla). I did a little googling and youtubing and found that most people slice a cone shaped section out of the top of the cupcake and plop the filling in the hole. That just sounded like cupcake cruelty to me! I decided to give my filler nozzle a try instead.
Filled with yummy fudge filling. When I sliced one cupcake open to see the results, it wasn't enough chocolate fudge for my satisfaction. So I filled each cupcake three times.
The end result? Still, not enough filling. My love of chocolate-ty goodness might force me to hack a hole in the top of these little guys next time (cringe).

On a brighter note, the buttercream turned out delicious! I am stuck on my recipe, but I am trying to convince myself to try other versions. Suggestions?
A mixed up decorating the cupcakes with the candied flowers and with light green pearls. I like a little variety, not too much, I want them to look like they go together. I thought they turned out adorable. I love the pearls!
Yummy in my tummy.
I tried my hand at the initials of the graduates.
These were the best (by far!) of my efforts. Next time I do candy initials I'm going to invest in some molds.
Once I had 47 cupcakes (minus the one I sliced open to check the filling amount) baked and decorated I had to get them to the graduation party. So I got boxes! I felt a little too official using boxes...
But it did help transporting them. We took Bradley's truck because it had tinted windows and I was afraid the sun would melt them (slightly paranoid? You would be too). I held two of the boxes in my lap and attempted to shelter them from Bradley's reckless driving...maybe "reckless" would be the last word used to describe his driving... but it sure felt reckless when you are caring precious cargo (and or paranoid)! But the good news is they made it safe and sound with only a few minor blemishes that only I probably noticed.
Cupcake tower!

It was a beautiful day, such a fun time with family, lots of food and a pretty cupcake to top it all off. Not a bad graduation party. Yum.

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  1. These are really adorable! I'm coming to your blog for tips next time I need to make something festive.