Thursday, April 22, 2010

Intruding on Two Strangers' Date

I love going for walks. And last Saturday afternoon was the perfect weather for a walk in Chattanooga. I gave Bradley a tour of my "old stomping grounds" which really ended up me being lost and Bradley figuring out where to go...directions and memory have never been one of my strengths...But I did find the pedestrian bridge!

Do you ever try and figure out the stories of the people around you? I really hope you do...or you'll probably think I'm crazy...which I probably am. But this cute couple was walking in front of us and I just couldn't resist thinking out loud to Bradley.
Me: Oh look! They are on a date! How cute!
Bradley: nondescript reply
Me: It's definitely a date, see the coffee cups? Typical date. The guy thought they should go get a cup of coffee and go for walk. Very good, a little more creative than just dinner but also casual enough for a get to know you date. You can also tell this was the guy's plan because who get's coffee at 3:00 in the afternoon when it's 80 degrees outside? Oh and their kinda awkward around each other! Cute! See how they aren't touching at all? Not holding hands, and not walking that close together. Every time they bump into each other the girl pulls away. And the guy keeps looking down at her.
Bradley: You think it has to be a first date because the guy keeps looking at her?
Me: No. But he seems very attentive, almost awkwardly so. And with the coffee cups in hand...I definitely think it's a first date.
Bradley: I really don't think it's a first date.
Me: Really? hmmm, maybe your right. Third date? I guess going for a walk would involve more talking than a first date would be comfortable enough. Wait...
Bradley: They're married.
Me: Oh, they're wearing wedding rings.

Then I took a picture to document a useless stream of consciousness conversation.

I wonder if Bradley and I ever decide to go walking with a cup of coffee in our hands if we would look like a married couple who were on an awkward first date...Probably, can you imagine Bradley with a cup of coffee?

Speaking of coffee, does anyone know how to make a good cup of coffee? That is something that I am unable to do. My mom makes delicious coffee, but she grinds the coffee beans which may be the reason. My favorite coffee is Dunkin Donuts, but that also may be because they add whole cream to it (not the fat free half and half that I use). I have Dunkin Donuts' coffee but my ratio of water to coffee bean does not equal tasty. I don't like it super bold, but I don't like it super weak either. I really like it...perfectly in the middle. I can just never reach that perfect balance. How do you make your coffee?


  1. This is what they were doing when we saw Date Night! They looked at the people and made up stories! I kinda thought we used to do that too... or am I making that up?

  2. Ken- yes! I wrote this BEFORE I saw date night. We use to do this too! Date night is so not original! :)

    Hey thanks for reading!