Saturday, April 10, 2010

I can't handle the cuteness!

My newest project takes the cake! Well the cupcake. :-) I think I found my life calling, decorating cupcakes!
Our dear friends closed on their first home this week, so exciting! We had small group with them on Friday night and I wanted to throw a little new homeowner party! I was inspired by a magazine article on making these paper little buttons. Each stick button is a couple layers of card stock with 3D stickers, all from Hobby Lobby (which runs a close second to the best store in the world, World Market). I cut and glued card stock (they have glitter on them) and added the flowers, "T's" and the "Home sweet Home" stickers. It was so much fun.
After I had my stick buttons finished I made my cupcakes and the yummy buttercream frosting. I decided to try to decorate my cupcakes real fancy, like they came from The Cupcakery. Here is my first bag filled with frosting! Blue!

Nailed it my first attempt! I woke up early in the morning to do these before work (thankfully I work at home so I save time with my lack of a commute). I pretty much was dancing around the kitchen. Well, my kitchen is too small to dance around, so it was more like a jig in place.
A few more cupcakes, looking good! Lovin' the blue.
The first dozen that went to small group. So beautiful! Tears were brimming in my eyes.
Then I stick in my buttons. AHH! Excitement overflows!

Home Sweet Home! How cute are these?
I'm in love with the colors, so springy and and happy!
Now time to decorate the second dozen. My sis-in-law, Elizabeth had Prom last night, way too much fun, and I went over to help with make-up and and watch her and her friends hair get done. So I decided to make some girly cupcakes for the fancy prom girls! Time for yellow frosting.
Cute cute cute, no?
Decided to do a little flower on top. Add a little something different.
Pink and yellow, pink and yellow! I do have a fondness for pink and yellow!
Add some chocolate sprinkles to a few of the cupcakes...
Oh my goodness don't they look good? I'm just oozing with excitement! Love love love them!

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