Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eating Healthy...what a drag

Our gym membership is coming to an end this month so Bradley and I decided we should take full advantage of our last couple weeks and really focus on a healthy lifestyle. Uuugh eating healthy... *Cringe* We've done a really good job since our New Year's Resolution to work out and be more active...unfortunately with the birth of this blog our eating hasn't been the healthiest. I mean let's just be honest, I've made a lot of desserts. My favorite foods are chocolate and sugar...sigh. Granted I do try only to fix them when other people can eat them but they are just soooo gooood.

Anyway, what this means is I feel like I'm starting all over again trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I am not a very good cook in general, and to try and be a healthy cook is overwhelming and...well...rather depressing. I've reverted back to my old cooking style which is chicken on a George Foreman...GAG ME! It really puts me in a bad mood. Because of that, my blog posts have been sparse, and I'm still saving one yummy recipe I cooked with Lora to post when salads and chicken have all but brought me to tears.

I'm not going to give up though! Cooking (and cleaning up after my messes) is something I'll have to do my whole life (blah) and I have to get better. Right? Surely. I did do some searching for healthy recipes that I'm going to try. I'll have to make a grocery store run to get all the ingredients...lots and lots of ingredients.

Oh one thing I do have to say...these "healthy bloggers" are crazy! They wake up and run a thousand miles, eat nothing but vegetables and make it sound fun to drink a spinach smoothie. I actually did want to try the spinach smoothie but my blender is packed and Bradley said no to my new "healthy" breakfast. Oh well, in a few weeks I'll try that. :-)

Healthy meal or snack ideas would be much appreciated! Really anything that doesn't involve chicken on the George Foreman.


  1. Francesca,

    Here is a somewhat healthy chicken enchilada recipe that I use. I usually make rice and black beans with it and we always have leftovers that cover another meal.

    1 pound Shredded, cooked chicken
    1 bunch Scallions (Green Onions
    2 ½ cup Enchilada sauce (Green or Red)
    8 flour tortillas
    1 ½ ounces Part-Skim mozzarella cheese

    In a bowl, combine chicken, half of scallions, half of enchilada sauce.

    Soften tortillas by heating them for 10 seconds in the microwave.

    Pour 1 cup of enchilada sauce into 9x13 baking dish. Fill tortillas with ¼ cup of mixture, roll and place seam side down. Top with remaining sauce, cheese, and scallions. Bake 10 minutes at 400 degrees.

  2. Geoff, That sounds delicious! Do you bake the chicken? do you season it at all? I've never done chicken enchiladas because I don't know what to do with the chicken.
    Did you see where we are going to live in 5 1/2 weeks?? We are really excited! We have a guest room so you guys can come visit! :)

  3. Ellen and I looked at the picture of the condo that you posted, and I was like, "They have a palm tree in their front yard!" So cool!

    As for the chicken, I either cook it on the grill or in a pan on the stove. If cooking on the stove, I just spray a little bit of cooking spray and then cook it turning it to cook on both sides. As for seasoning, I have a Fajita seasoning that that sprinkle on the chicken before placing it on the grill. You can find something similar in the seasoning section of the grocery store. Once cooked, just chop the chicken up.