Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Adventure Part 1

I've been waiting for weeks to try my Easter Project...I've been gathering supplies and getting excited. I had to make one last run to Walgreens to get sour punch straws. I wanted the pink and green ones. I went to the Walgreens close to our home and they only had green. Well that's okay, I went to a second Walgreens to find my pink straws. I pulled up parked and got out of the between the process of locking my car and getting out this happened.

Don't ask me how, but I managed to jam my car keys in the door and locked it at the same time. It takes rapid speed and massive skill to do something like that. Dead stuck. Oh man! Who does this?

Well I pulled and pulled and shook the door, nothing, they wouldn't budge. Bradley was at worship practice so he was of no help to me. So I took a picture with my phone, tweeted it, and called my sister for help (really her boyfriend, Gina is of no real help to me, love you sis!). While I was waiting for them, leaning up against my car, checking twitter, they budged! So I started shifting and pulling the keys and they eventually fell out the bottom of the car door. That's when problem #2 arose. The car key was now bent. That is when Gina and John arrived on the scene to rescue me. John somehow squeezed the key and made it fit enough to where I was able to get in and start my car (or rather John was able to start my car). I just have to pull really hard, I mean really hard, to get the key out of the ignition.

I know you're wondering, did you get the pink sour straws. Well, yes I did! I ran in to Walgreens and got them while I was waiting for Gina.

Here are my supplies.

That's a lot of sugar! That is a 2lb bag of powder sugar, and I plan to use it all. This is gonna be fun!


  1. well what are you going to make??? the suspense is killing me :) I assume it will come in part 2...

  2. Did you make them? I'm assuming you're just practicing for next week. :) How did they turn out?

  3. I was laughing out loud at this... :)