Saturday, March 27, 2010

Preparing for the Knoxville Marathon

For those of you who are impressed right should be. It's taken months of dedication and training to prepare for this event. We even got a sweet t-shirt that says MARATHON.

I wonder if anyone will notice the 5k part...

Since running 1.5 miles is a struggle for me I figured I better "carb load" for the big day to carry me through the entire race. I hope that eating the right foods will give me the super charge I need to make up for my lack of fitness. Not a bad thought process, huh?

Skillet Ziti and Broccoli

2 Cups of Tomato Sauce

2 Cups of Water

8 Ounces ziti pasta, uncooked

10 ounces broccoli

3/4 cup shredded Provolone Cheese

Combine sauce and water in a large skillet

I then added a shake of salt, basil and oregano and a couple grinds of pepper. Adding seasoning without the use of measuring spoons makes me feel like an accomplished cook...misguided or not.

While the sauce is heating up you can chop your broccoli. I used fresh broccoli, you can use frozen if you want as well.

I decided to use a lot of pictures in this post because my last couple posts did not contain any.Whole grain= super healthy.

Once your sauce starts boiling add your pasta (usually half a box) and your vegetables.

Cover, reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes. I had to ghetto rig my lid because I didn't have one big enough for my skillet.

A girl does what she has to. :-)

While this was simmering I decided to make my Strawberry and Mandarin Orange Salad plus grapes. Here are some pictures of the process.

Step one: Mixed greens

Step 2: Strawberries

Step 3: Mandarin Oranges

Step 4: Grapes, my new favorite salad ingredient.

Step 5: Dried Cranberries

Step 6: Pecans and Feta, because "everything beta with feta!" (no I didn't make that up, I'm not that clever).

Use a raspberry vinaigrette and enjoy! So good.

Oh my pasta's ready!

Perfecto! (I'm Italian so I can say that).

My Carb-loading is complete and I'm ready to race! Well maybe not race...more a walk/jog. Enjoy!

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