Monday, March 1, 2010

Cooking advice...really?

I believe this blog may turn into a cooking blog. I admit, I have a fear of being boxed into a specific topic, and being the free-spirit that I am I want to be able to blog about whatever my little heart desires regardless of my hypothetical audience. According to Blogging for Dummies, having your niche is very important. No, I did not purchase Blogging For Dummies (that would be embarrassing). I simply skimmed it at Borders while Bradley searched for a book on Ancient Greek (admittedly I looked over my shoulder a couple times to make sure that no one I knew would see me reading it. And now I'm blogging about it so my cover is blown).

The next question is if I were to actually attempt a cooking blog (with random off-topic thoughts and posts sprinkled in) could I actually cook?

The answer...well maybe. Bradley is keeping his fingers crossed.

As Bradley and I were exiting Borders yesterday I noticed a clearance rack of cookbooks (insert heavenly melody here). Bradley says he would be willing to purchase yet another cookbook if I'd actually cook. Excited about the thrill of making a purchase I began to skim the cookbooks for anything mouthwatering. And that's where I saw it. THE ONE. The cookbook that may change my life as a newly-married struggling cook, "The Best 1001 Short, Easy Recipes."

I'm sorry to disappoint those who were actually hoping to learn something from this blog. I'm just trying to get dinner on the table! This is not going to be one of those fancy blogs where the writer is an actual chef and cookbook writer. This won't be a blog of an "expert" giving advice to the novice (one of the suggestions in Blogging for Dummies is to blog about your expertise). I'm not cooking my way through Julia Child's cookbook (you can watch the movie "Julie and Julia" for that story). I'm simply attempting to make something edible. I will take the advice of Blogging for Dummies and insert a lot of pictures. Evidently, pictures is what will keep the reader reading.

So I purchased The Best 1001 Short, Easy Recipes cookbook for $7.99. A small price to pay to change my cooking life.
There is one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won't, and that's a wife who can't cook and will. ~Robert Frost


  1. If you ever worry that people don't read your blog...don't...because I READ IT!!!!
    I just wanted to say...that chicken looks yummy!!!!!

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