Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Faking Gourmet

My beautiful sister turned 22 years old I took it upon myself to create a dinner that would live in infamy to honor her 22 years of existence. In my very humble opinion, I out did myself, my "gourmet creation" leaves me speechless. Now, cooking hasn't ever been my forte but I have a new way of doing things. I call it Faking Gourmet.

This adventure started when I dug through my pile of cookbooks and picked up the largest, The All-New Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook. I began aimlessly flipping through the pages and ended up drooling over the dessert section. After seeing a full page picture of a cake so beautiful and decadent that it  required the compilation of  three recipes to create the Chocolate Truffle Cake, I made up my mind that this would be my sister's birthday cake.

As the day quickly approached I began to panic...could I actually pull off such a cake? The answer was a resounding NO.  My only option was to fake gourmet. I went to the grocery store the night before the dinner and bought my supplies, I also picked up a Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix. I decided that I wasn't actually going to make the cake. I would, however, make the truffle that went in between the layers and the Ganache that would coat it (I also picked up a large tub of icing just in case the whole ordeal went south).

With a little effort (I took the day off work) I created a beautiful and delicious cake that Southern Living would be proud of!

The moral of the story is anyone can fake gourmet. The key is not to get depressed by the overly lengthy recipes that don't have pictures.

Happy Birthday  Gina!

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