Monday, February 15, 2010

Cooking...aka ruining dinner

Cooking...what a thorn in my side! How I HATE cooking. I LOVE baking. I'm good at baking. I can make delicious brownies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies you name it I can most likely bake it. And if I don't know how to bake it I have no problem learning how. Cooking is another story. I cannot cook. Since being married I have ruined dinner multiple times. Ruined, as in I started cooking, dinnertime came, me and my husband peered skeptically at the stove and decided eating out would work for us. But, this does not include the countless times I lay moaning on the couch at just the thought of having to fix something for dinner, at that point my very gracious husband suggests eating out. Whenever I cook a good meal I usually take a picture so I can scrapbook it in my "first year of marriage" scrapbook I am making in my head. There are many reasons I hate cooking. Here are just a few...

1. I am bad at it

2. I have no idea what to make.

3. I do not know how to grocery shop to cook effectively. I usually leave the grocery store with bread, cheese, tortillas, cereal and milk. I eat breakfast foods many times twice a day (where my husband eats quesadillas quite frequently).

4. My tiny tiny (but adorable) kitchen just doesn't lend itself to these gourmet creations I would be capable of in a larger space.

5. I am trying to live healthier (thus the working out) and eat healthier, and most of the things I do know how to make are not healthy.

6. Time, do you know how much TIME it takes to cook. Oh my goodness.

7. Crazy crazy cookbooks-they are so difficult it is not even funny. I have 9 cookbooks (10 if you count the one at my in-laws house I sliced in half in my scrapbooking attempts with my sis-in-law.) Most of them are ridiculously complicated even Rachael Ray's 30-minute meals. Actually, I still need to return a couple books to my friend...

I am going to conclude this blog post with a few dishes that I cook very well. If you have any suggests for simple, fast, healthy recipes, please pass them my way! : )

I can make delicious ribs, thanks to our crockpot. Bradley would most likely say he is responsible for this. But nonetheless, it involves cooking so I shall take credit.

I do make very good lasagna...maybe a little dry but we can add sauce.

I love me some enchiladas...don't ask for the recipe because it is different every time.

It's been a fun 8 months of cooking attempts!


  1. I just LOVE you, Francesca!! You make me laugh!!

  2. You should talk to Laura.this seems very much like our kitchen experience! Good luck!

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  4. How did I not know that you have a blog????? Ahhh, it's so funny...and can I tell you that my experience with cooking pretty much goes the exact same way!!!!! However, I want to learn the things you're good at!!!! Here are my fallbacks:
    1.) Quesadillas - from Shrimp to Chicken, I can make some rockin' Quesadillas
    2.) I make some amazing meat sauce for pasta
    3.) I'm really good at picking up pre-made food from the grocery store and throwing it in the oven....!!!!! Hahaha

  5. Ashley-
    1. Do you have a quesadilla maker? because that will revolutionize your life.
    2. I would love to know how to make a good meat sauce, I use jarred sauce that's kroger brand.
    3. If we put our heads together we may be able to come up with a week of meals!

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