Thursday, January 21, 2010


This past weekend my sister, Gina, had the idea to start a canvas painting business called Paint Me Pretty. She would throw parties (kinda like Tupperware parties) and charge a set fee for each lady and she would provide all the supplies. It would be a great way for women to hang out and have something creative to do together. I think it is a great idea! I know I would really enjoy doing that with my friends. Well it got me thinking, what am I excited about? In my sister's excitement and inspiration I could see myself. In the past it seems like I would have an idea, start something new, or have a spurt of inspiration that would motivate me and make me feel like I had a passion and purpose.

At this time in my life I don't know what my inspiration is. I don't have a goal or and idea that have me all tingly with excitement. Life right now is great, but what is it that I am suppose to have ownership of? That's really the main point, I desire to have ownership of something. Well, after thinking about that for a while, and spending some time dreaming. I decided that what I needed right now in my life, more than a role to fill, or a job to create, or something to dream about, is discipline.

That is really what life boils down to, at least for me. Discipline to stay in the Word, discipline to eat right, discipline to work out, discipline not to watch a lot of TV, discipline to be disciplined. I'm saddened to say that so many areas of my life lack discipline. I refuse to go through this life that God has for me lackadaisical.

So that is the purpose of this blog...discipline. I want to push myself to think deeply about topics and express myself clearly, not just write when I have a sudden idea for a topic. I know that this is going to be hard for me. For goodness gracious twitter is the hardest thing for me!

My prayer is that this practice of discipline would prepare me for the next adventure that God has planned for me.

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