Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Big View of God

"Our Heavenly Father: Let us see Thy glory, if it must be from the shelter of the cleft rock and from beneath the protection of Thy covering hand. Whatever the cost to us in loss of friends or goods or length of days let us know Thee as Thou art, that we may adore Thee as we should. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." -A.W. Tozer

I am reading "The Knowledge of the Holy" by A.W. Tozer (a must read!) with my small group. Tozer opened his chapter on God's Infinitude with that prayer. I was so struck by the desire to truly know God and see his glory. To truly know God is to count everything loss compared to knowing him (Phil 3:8). However, so often I create my own god through my limiting opinions and ideas. Tozer says, "This God we have made and because we have made him we can understand him; because we have created him he can never surprise us, never overwhelm us, nor astonish us, nor transcend us."

My prayer is that I would have a big view of God. That I would think rightly about God. He is Holy. He is awesome. He is all-powerful. He is all-knowing. He is self-sufficient. He is infinite. He appears at the beginning and end simultaneously. He is the creator; I am the created. As Psalm 139:6 says, " Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high; I cannot attain it." How can I begin to fathom God? Do I dare put God in a box?

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